Corporate - Corporate residence

Last reviewed - 04 April 2023

Companies, whether or not established in Morocco, are subject to CIT on all profits or income relating to property that they own, activities that they carry on, and profit-making transactions that they carry out in Morocco, even when these are of an occasional nature.

Permanent establishment (PE)

The notion of PE is not explicitly defined under Moroccan tax law.

However, the Moroccan tax authorities apply this concept for non-resident companies according to some determined criteria that are inspired from the various tax treaties that Morocco has signed with other countries.

Indeed, the question of whether an entity will be deemed to have a PE in Morocco is a question of fact, in particular, subject to having, in Morocco, any fixed place of business through which a foreign entity conducts industrial or commercial activity for an indefinite or substantial period of time.

The term fixed place of business includes, for instance, a place of management or operations, a branch, an agency, a premises used as a sales outlet, a construction of assembly project, or a purchasing office. Also, in some specific cases, a non-resident company may be deemed as having a PE if it operates in Morocco through a dependent agent.