Corporate - Taxes on corporate income

Last reviewed - 28 September 2022

In general, the Moroccan Tax Code considers that all revenues and capital gains generated in Morocco are subject to Moroccan taxation.

Companies are taxed on the difference between their trading income and expenditure. Business expenses incurred in the operation of the business are generally deductible unless specifically excluded.

The CIT rates are as follows (proportional scale):

Taxable income (MAD) CIT rate (%)
From To
0 300,000 10
300,001 1,000,000 20
1,000,001 and above 31

Specific cases

  • The rate of 20% is also applicable to the portion of the taxable profit above MAD 1 million for some companies, such as exporting companies, mining companies, companies carrying out service outsourcing activities inside or outside the industrial integrated platforms devoted to those activities, etc.
  • The rate of 31% is reduced to 26% for companies holding an industrial activity with a net profit of less than MAD 100 million.
  • Lower CIT rates might apply to some specific activities.
  • A higher CIT rate of 37% applies to credit institutions, insurance companies, and Takafoul insurance and reinsurance companies.

Non-resident companies can, under certain conditions, opt for an alternative tax at the rate of 8% of the amount of their contract, whatever the taxable income is.

Minimum contribution

CIT cannot be lower than a minimum contribution of 0.5% (or 0.25% for specific products) levied on the turnover and other specific revenues. 

The minimum contribution can be reduced to 0.4% for companies reporting positive current income, excluding depreciation (this measure is applicable for fiscal years beginning on or after 1 January 2022).

The minimum contribution is not due during the first 36 months following the beginning of activities.

However, the minimum contribution rate is increased to 0.6% when, beyond the 36-month exemption period, the current result, excluding amortisation, is declared negative for two consecutive fiscal years.

Local income taxes

There are no provincial or local taxes levied on income in Morocco.