Corporate - Other issues

Last reviewed - 04 April 2023

Exchange controls

Foreign investors are allowed, following the accomplishment of some formalities, to freely transfer abroad the whole proceeds of their investments in Morocco (i.e. dividends, shares sale price, and liquidation income under the condition that the initial investment is realised in one of the foreign currencies listed by the Moroccan Central Bank).

However, some specific transfers of funds into and out of Morocco are subject to prior authorisations from the exchange control office.

Choice of business entity

The legal vehicles used by foreign companies for the purpose of setting up a business in Morocco are the branch and the subsidiary.

Under subsidiary form, the foreign entities generally opt for the corporation (SA) or the limited liability company (SARL).

The SARL is most adequate for companies with low investment capital while the SA is most appropriate for companies that are investing an important amount of capital. In general, the rules relating to the organisation and functioning of an SARL are more flexible than those required for an SA.