Individual - Income determination

Last reviewed - 09 January 2024

Employment income

Gross income from employment consists of salaries, bonuses, housing and school allowances, and, in general, any payment in cash or in kind earned by an employee in Peru, regardless of nationality, length of residence in Peru, and whether the remuneration is earned or paid outside Peru. Houses and cars owned by the company and furnished to employees do not generate taxable income for the latter. Such houses are normally furnished to employees when they work in mining, petroleum, and other non-urban production centres.

Foreigners are given the same tax treatment as Peruvians, without any special concessions; however, mobility costs and accommodation expenses during the first three months after arrival in Peru, as well as the cost of home-leave fares, airfares to one's home country for vacation during the employment agreement, are not deemed as taxable income. Severance indemnities in the amounts provided by law and indemnities for vacations not taken that are paid to terminated employees are excluded from income tax.

Capital gains

In the case of non-domiciled individuals, capital gains derived from the transfer of shares are subject to income tax at a rate of 5% when the sale takes place ’within the country’ (Lima Stock Exchange) and 30% when the sale is performed ’outside the country’.

Capital gains derived from the sale of real estate by domiciled and non-domiciled individuals are subject to an effective income tax rate of 5%.

Investment income

Dividends are levied with a tax rate of 5%.

Domiciled individuals’ income arising from leases, interests, and royalties are subject to an effective income tax rate of 5%.