Individual - Sample personal income tax calculation

Last reviewed - 01 January 2024


  • 2023 calendar year.
  • Individual resident in Spain with a spouse with two children over three years of age.
  • Of the married couple, one spouse earns all income, none of which is foreign-source income.
  • A joint return is filed.
  • As regards general taxable income, the tax is calculated in accordance with the progressive scale of withholdings (as previously commented, final taxation will vary depending on the autonomous region where the taxpayer is resident).

Tax calculation

Salary 150,000.00   
Gross general tax base   150,000.00
Interest 18,500.00   
Capital gain from transfer of assets 3,000.00   
Gross savings tax base   21,500.00
Gross general tax base 150,000.00   
Social security contributions (3,479.52)   
Other expenses (2,000.00)   
Joint taxation reduction (3,400.00)   
Net general tax base   141,445.79
Savings tax base 21,500.00   
Residual joint taxation reduction 0.00   
Net savings tax base   21,500.00
Taxpayer's allowance 5,550.00  
Allowance for children (Sec. 58 LIRPF) 5,100.00  
Personal and family allowances   10,650.00
Tax calculation
Net general tax base 141,445.79  
Taxable income up to EUR 60,000 17,901.50  
Excess 45%  
Gross general tax liability   54,550.75
Personal and family allowance 10,650.00  
Taxable income from EUR 0 to EUR 12,450 19%  
Gross general liability after personal and family allowances   54,527.25
Net savings taxable base 21,500.00  
Taxable income EUR 0 to EUR 6,000 19%  
Taxable income EUR 6,000 to EUR 50,000 21%  
Gross savings tax liability   4,395.00
Total gross tax liability   56.922.25
Charitable contributions 2,000.00  
Up to EUR 150 75%  
Excess 30%  
Total deduction   (667.50)
Total net tax liability   56,254.75