New Caledonia

Individual - Deductions

Last reviewed - 16 April 2024

Employment expenses

Individuals may apply a deduction of the higher of the following amounts:

  • The justified actual expenses.
  • 10% of the balance, with a minimum of XPF 50,000 and a maximum of XPF 800,000.

Moreover, there is a general rebate of 20% applicable on the salary that does not exceed XPF 9 million.

Personal deductions

The expenses deductible from overall income are:

  • Certain cash subscriptions to the capital of companies.
  • Certain interest on loans.
  • Alimony, compensatory benefits, annuities, and contribution to marriage expenses.
  • Certain voluntary payments on retirement savings contracts.
  • Premiums paid on life insurance contracts.
  • Certain expenses for personal services.
  • Certain expenses in favour of the environmental quality of the home.
  • Childcare expenses.

Personal allowances

Total taxable income is divided into the number of shares (‘parts’) that reflects the taxpayer's marital status and the number of dependants. Notably, children under 18 years of age and disabled children of all ages can be claimed as dependants.