New Caledonia

Individual - Income determination

Last reviewed - 16 April 2024

Employment income

Employment income is widely defined and includes all employment benefits provided by the employer, whether in cash or in kind. Business expense reimbursements are not taxable. Benefits-in-kind are, as a general rule, included in income at market value. Moreover, employment income also includes the indemnities, reimbursements, and lump-sum allowances for expenses paid to members of the management board or managers of companies.

Business income

Profits or gains derived from trades, professions, or vocations carried out in New Caledonia are subject to tax regardless of whether the individual is resident of New Caledonia. If the individual is resident in New Caledonia, a liability may also arise on profits or gains on activities carried out abroad unless tax treaties provided otherwise.

Capital gains

See Capital gains taxes in Other taxes section.

Dividend income

Dividends received from resident companies are not subject to PIT. However, the following withholding taxes (WHTs) amount to 20%: IRVM (11.5%), CCS (4%), and centimes additionnels (4.5%).

Interest income

Interest and related income are subject to the IRCDC (8%) and the CCS (4%).

Rental income

Rental income is equal to the difference between the gross rent and the costs representing property expenses.