Corporate - Tax credits and incentives

Last reviewed - 24 January 2024

There are no specific tax incentives in Sweden for corporations. However, some generally applicable regimes exist.

For example, Sweden has an accruals reserve regime. The accruals reserve regime allows for a tax-deductible appropriation for corporations of 25% of the taxable profit before appropriation to a reserve. Each year’s appropriation forms a separate reserve that must be reversed to income no later than the sixth year following the appropriation. However, a standardised interest income is imposed on former years’ appropriations multiplied by the interest rate on governmental debt notes (or at least 0.5%).

Foreign tax credit

A foreign tax credit is generally available, provided certain conditions are fulfilled, and the tax credit allowed is limited to an amount corresponding to the Swedish tax on the foreign income. Unutilised foreign taxes may be carried forward for five years. Tax treaty implications may exist.