Individual - Tax administration

Last reviewed - 24 January 2024

Taxable period

Individuals file a tax return for the calendar year.

Tax returns

The filing date is normally 2 May of the year after the calendar year, or the following Monday if 2 May occurs on a Saturday or Sunday. An extension of the filing date may be available upon application.

The tax authorities assess income taxes by applying the appropriate tax rates to the aggregate taxable income from the various sources. Spouses are taxed separately.

The tax assessments are issued during June-December of the same year the tax return is filed.

Payment of tax

Preliminary taxes must be withheld by a resident employer. In the case of a non-resident employer, tax payment must be submitted to the tax authority by the employees themselves.

Income taxes not covered by the preliminary taxes withheld must be paid by the individual 90 days after the final tax bill is issued.

Interest is payable if the taxes withheld do not cover the final tax liability. In order to avoid interest being levied, the individual may pay the taxes to their tax account by 14 February of the year after the income year.