Individual - Taxes on personal income

Last reviewed - 06 July 2020

Employment income tax for residents

Employment income is taxed at the following rounded taxable income amounts (2020):

Taxable income (SEK *) National income tax (%) Municipal income tax ** (%)
From 0 to 490,700 32
Over 509,300 20 32

* Swedish kronor

** This rate equals the average municipal tax rate.

Employment income tax for non-residents

Non-residents working in Sweden for a Swedish employer or a foreign employer with a permanent establishment (PE) in Sweden are taxed a flat rate of 25% at source. The same rate applies when a pension is paid by a Swedish source to a person not tax-resident in Sweden.

Non-residents working in Sweden for a non-Swedish employer without a PE in Sweden are not taxed in Sweden, provided that the individual does not spend more than 183 days in Sweden in a 12-month period.

Capital tax

Capital income is generally taxed at a flat rate of 30%. See Capital gains and investment income in the Income determination section for more information.