United Arab Emirates

Corporate - Tax credits and incentives

Last reviewed - 04 March 2022

The United Arab Emirates has numerous FTZs that offer tax holidays or a 0% corporate and personal income tax rate for companies and individuals. Some FTZs also offer an exemption from customs duties and VAT (for movement/supply of goods meeting certain conditions). 

Free trade zones (FTZs)

Currently, there are over 35 FTZs (and business parks) in the United Arab Emirates, each having its own regulations. Businesses (and their employees) established in FTZs are generally eligible for (renewable) 15 to 50 year tax holidays. Certain FTZs also offer an exemption from customs duties. The laws and regulations granting these tax holidays and exemptions are not consistent across the various FTZs. Each FTZ therefore needs to be considered separately.