Corporate - Corporate residence

Last reviewed - 21 July 2020

A company is considered tax resident in Romania if:

  • it was set-up under Romanian law, or
  • it has the head-office situated in Romania and it was set-up under the EU law, or
  • has its ‘place of effective management’ (POEM) in Romania.

POEM represents the place where strategic economic decisions necessary to ensure the management of the foreign company are taken and/or the place where the most senior person or group of persons who manage and control the activity of the foreign entity operate.

Permanent establishment (PE)

A PE is generally defined as being the place through which the activity of a non-resident company is conducted, fully or partially, directly or through a dependent agent.

Once a PE is created, Romania has the right to tax the profits of the non-resident parent company derived from the activities performed through the PE.

In defining the PE concept, reference can be made to Article 5 - ‘Permanent establishment’ of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Model Tax Convention, which has been transferred from the Methodological Norms to the Fiscal Code.

The Romanian legislation explicitly states the conditions that trigger a PE:

  • Fixed base PE is created through a place of business with a certain degree of permanency through which business is conducted in Romania (with some exceptions).
  • Agency PE is created through agents with a dependent status that operate in Romania on behalf of the foreign company.

The registration, reporting, and tax payment requirements for a PE are similar to those for a Romanian company.

Consolidation of PE revenues and expenses belonging to the same foreign legal entity is possible. For further information, please see the Group taxation section.