Corporate - Tax credits and incentives

Last reviewed - 12 January 2024

The following entities are exempt from CIT:

  • Legal entities that conduct religious, humanitarian, charitable, scientific, or educational activities.
  • Bodies of executive, legislative and judicial power, created by the Constitution, law or decision of the Council of Ministers, which have as their primary activity the fulfillment of the functions of the central government;
  • Bank of Albania, Financial Supervision Authority and Deposit Insurance Agency;
  • Foundations or non-banking financial institutions, created or transferred by decision of the Council of Ministers, aimed at supporting the development policies of the government through the granting of loans;
  • Entities that only carry out activities of a religious, humanitarian, charitable, scientific or educational nature, whose assets or profits are not used for the benefit of their organizers or members;
  • Labor organizations or chambers of commerce, industry or agriculture, whose property or profit is not used for the benefit of an individual or one of their members;
  • Entities provided for in international agreements ratified by the Parliament;
  • Cinematographic production studios, licensed and subsidized by the National Center of Cinematography.

Foreign tax credit

The domestic tax legislation of Albania grants unilateral foreign tax credit on foreign income tax for its residents. The DDTs in force include certain provisions on foreing tax credit as well.