Corporate - Tax credits and incentives

Last reviewed - 12 January 2024

The following entities are exempt from CIT:

  • Legal entities that conduct religious, humanitarian, charitable, scientific, or educational activities.
  • Trade unions or chambers of commerce, industry, or agriculture.
  • International organisations, agencies for technical cooperation, and their representatives, the tax exemptions of which are established by specific agreements.
  • Foundations or non-banking financial institutions established to support development policies of the government through credit activities.
  • Film studios and cinematographic productions (among other types of entity/activity) that are licensed and funded by the National Cinematographic Centre.
  • Voluntary pension funds administrated from the competent companies.
  • Accommodation structures that are 'four- and five-star hotels and resorts with special status' are exempt from income tax for a ten-year period, provided they receive special status until December 2024. The effects of the exemption commence at the moment of commencement of the economic activity of the accommodation structure, but not later than three years after the receipt of the special status.

Foreign tax credit

Albania gives unilateral foreign tax credit on foreign income tax for its residents, except as provided in a DTT in force.