Individual - Other taxes

Last reviewed - 07 July 2020

Social security contributions

Individuals are liable to social security contributions on their gross income at rates of 3% (8%, in case of retired employees) and 8% due by the employee and the employer, respectively.

Taxable income includes all cash or in kind benefits, with the exception of the following:

  • Social benefits paid by employers.
  • Holiday allowances.
  • Values of subscription/participation in complementary social protection schemes.

The contributions are intended to cover family, pension, and unemployment protection.

Foreign citizens working in Angola (without a residence permit) may be excluded from social security in Angola, provided that they prove that they are covered by their home country's social security system.

Real estate income tax (IPU)

IPU is levied on rental income earned by individuals or companies owning real estate assets. It is based on actual rental income when the assets are leased and on the assets’ registered value when the assets are not leased. See Other taxes in the Corporate tax summary for more information.

Net wealth/worth taxes

There are no net wealth/worth taxes in Angola.

Inheritance and gift taxes

Under the Inheritance and Donations Tax Code, the transmission of goods should be taxable at the following rates:

  • 10% or 15% when the transmission occurs between spouses or in favour of descendants and ascendants.
  • 10% to 30% when the transmission occurs between other persons.